Prayer Bulletin

Beth Yeshua is translated as “House of Yeshua”.
Yeshua said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Below is our Community Prayer Bulletin Board. You can email a prayer request to

We also have guidelines for other petitions that we want to keep on the forefront of our labor in intercession. You will find these guidelines and suggestions below the Petitions and Requests section below.

Praises & Thanksgivings

10/02/2019 5:30pm
Bob Updike has been taken off the transplant list.  He has healed sufficiently to be completely removed from needing a transplant.  This is a miracle, an answer to much prayer.  Baruch HaShem!

10/02/2019 5:00pm
Rabbi Scott and Rebbetzin Casey have moved to Fort Myers.  What began years ago has taken another step.  May Adonai confirm his Word and His Kingdom.

09/14/2019 9:00pm
Brian has been looking for a new job for some time and now has an interview with a potential new job on Monday.

08/23/2019 8:00pm
Scott K. called from Tampa General Hospital.  After evaluation today, it was determined that one of the previous stents had occluded, and that was the source of his current issue.  However, the extent of this reduced circulation is acceptable, and can be improved through other non-invasive treatment.  So there was no intervention required. Praise Adonai!

For Salvation in Yeshua
Bob U.
Tawa R.
Jimmy C.
Patti S.

Requests and Petitions

10/13/2019 10:00pm
Tammy’s granddaughter broke her wrist.  She is scheduled to have surgery on 10/14.  Please pray for healing and recovery.

10/13/2019 10:00pm
Steve and Maria are traveling to New Orleans by car, and the air conditioning has stopped working.  Please pray.

10/13/2019 10:00pm
Please pray for Rosa.  She has a rare form of cancer in her face that has required surgery and maxilectomy (removal of the upper jaw).  She is currently recovering from this procedure and will begin radiation in 4 weeks.  She is in a great deal of pain and discomfort.  At some point she will need more surgery for reconstruction and/or prosthesis.

10/12/2019 6:00pm
Please pray for Amy’s family, her son for an ongoing court case regarding parental rights,  her husband for severe elbow and shoulder pain.

10/07/2019 3:00pm
Please pray for Debbi, she is dealing with ongoing teeth pain.  She is seeing a dentist tomorrow.  Please pray for wisdom, healing, and peace.

10/02/2019 5:00pm
Please pray for Jim W., he will be undergoing a spinal procedure tomorrow.  Please pray for their family, for finances and healing.  Update: procedure was successful.  Baruch HaShem!  Please continue to pray for finances and healing for both Jim and Sarah.

10/01/2019 2:00pm
Please lift up Mike P. in prayer.

09/15/2019 9:00pm
Please pray for Arnie, who has abandoned his faith in Yeshua.  Also, please pray for Jorgen.

09/14/2019 9:00pm
From the Szeliga’s:
Please pray for Brian’s migraines, he continues to have them, on and off, from a back injury many years ago.  Please pray that a house guest will be vacating soon.  Please pray a new job for Brian, he has an interview with a hurricane shutter firm on Monday.

Update: 09/10/2019 12:45pm
Len was back in for surgery again to adjust some leads.  Recovery will be ongoing today.  Len Krolikowski was admitted to Gulf Coast Hospital for a cardiac arrest episode.  He was kept in the hospital all weekend, and had a procedure for a defibrillator on Monday.  Please keep him and Wanda in prayer.

09/10/2019 12:00pm
Elaine has received xrays to diagnose a great deal of pain in her shoulder.  She has been diagnosed with a fracture.  Also dealing with ongoing back pain.  Please keep her in prayer.

Update: 09/11/2019 8:00am
Jim’s white blood cell count is down, this is a blessing, he is much improved.  Testing to determine the source of the infection is still ongoing.

09/10/2019 12:30pm
Jim Watts (Jeannene’s cousin) has been admitted to the hospital for a second time with a recurring infection.  Please pray that doctors can find the source of the infection.

09/09/2019 4:15pm
Osario Vale is asking for prayer for his wife who needs surgery for kidney stones, pray the complications with their insurance are worked out so she can get this surgery.  Also, Osario is asking for prayer for his business, in order to get caught up from rain and weather delays from the summer.

09/07/2019 1:30pm
Rulee T is struggling with issues with her pancreas and general GI area.  Please pray.

08/30/2019 7:00am
Please pray for Don N. as he and his wife travel to see his grandmother who recently fell and broke her hip.  Please pray for Ilene Jenkins, for healing and recovery.

Update 08/28/2019 6:30pm
Please continue to keep Ken in prayer, some days are good, some days not so good.  Pray that he is able to adapt to the new medication.  Please continue to pray for complete healing.
08/20/2019 6:00pm
Ken K. prayer for improved strength.

08/25/2019 4:00pm
Many of our children have started back to school.  Please pray for safety, for stability, for good teachers and role models, and for enough rest as they adjust back to the school routine.

08/23/2019 4:00pm
Pray for Ken K., that his new medications will be helpful for healing without any negative side effects.

08/22/2019 6:00pm
Pray that all our extended family will be able to join us for services for at least some of the upcoming High Holy Days.  We have many people who are unable to travel the distance, who would like to be in fellowship with us in the coming season.

08/20/2019 6:00pm
Kathy and Gloria are traveling for the next three weeks.  Please keep them in prayer for traveling safety and blessings.

08/20/2019 6:00pm
Bonita asks for prayer for Jerome and Jerome.

08/20/2019 6:00pm
Bonnie asks for prayer for Sergio.

08/20/2019 6:00pm
JoJo’s niece, 8 months pregnant, husband recently deceased.  Please keep the family in prayer.

Other Recommendations in Prayer and Intercession
Pray for Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem, for the restoration of the temple and of the worship of Adonai.  Pray for the salvation of every single Jewish person around the world. Pray that Adonai would keep Israel safe during these last days.

Pray for believers in Yeshua around the world who are undergoing severe persecution. In some places, people are imprisoned, tortured, and put to death for their faith. Pray for martyrs, for their testimony and for their faith in times of such trial.

Pray for the advance of the Kingdom of Adonai. Pray that people who believe in Yeshua would be faithful to the word, would pursue holiness and righteousness, and would be fearless in their testimony of the Gospel of Yeshua in Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, and Blessings. Pray for missionaries who have given their lives to the work of the Kingdom of Adonai.

Pray for Kings and Premiers, Presidents and Rulers everywhere. Pray that they would come under the influence of Adonai for His good purpose on the earth. Pray for local governments and leaders.

Pray for children, for schools, for youth programs like YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Summer Programs, Youth Groups, Sports Programs, anywhere children are gathered and led by adults, that Adonai would keep them safe from injury and harm, that they would be taught according to His law.

Pray for our military, police, fire, public safety, emergency services. Pray for our courts and justice systems. Pray for those who are incarcerated and for their families.  Also, please pray against the forces of evil and the wave of depravity that is the addiction and drug epidemic in our country, pray that Adonai would extend grace to those who want to escape, that deliverance would be granted to those who are enslaved and in bondage.  Also pray against the evil scourge of human trafficking which is related and interwoven into the drug and addiction landscape.

Pray for our leadership, the leadership of Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, for Rabbi Scott and his family, Rabbi Jim and his family, Mike and Helen Cartwright, Jerry and Jeannene Rutherford, Louise Melin, Chad and Olya Damitz, and all their families. Also be in prayer for our Worship Teams, Nursery, Shabbat School, Oneg, Audio and Video workers and their families. Pray that Adonai would use Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue to be a faithful testimony of the word of Adonai, from Torah to Revelation, and that we would experience much harvest and fruit in our kingdom efforts.

May Adonai bless you and increase blessings to your times in prayer, petitions, and intercessions.